The Interesting things about Windows 8 features

The Windows 8 completely brought in something nice from Microsoft, the features packaged is a new experience, different from the way the PC OS run before, it functions more like the mobile OS, like the Android and iOS. The speed and performance is worth of honor, and Microsoft offered it cheaper than earlier versions. Let’s take a look at the new Windows 8 features. 

The new Microsoft Windows 8 Features

Faster start up

One of the most wonderful of the Windows 8 features is the speed of startup, Microsoft has optimized the new OS to be faster than the Windows 7, and the startup is 2 X faster. Apart from the startup time, some other improvements on the performance have occurred.

Innovative Desktop 

Another Windows 8 features you will fall in love with is the home screen when you first login, the metro UI is very attractive and goes smoothly on touch enabled devices like tablets and smartphone. The layout is arranged in grid, this makes the desktop operation goes easy. You are able to customize the grid posting your desired apps. 

Touch advantage

The Windows 8 features all touch. The interface of the OS works really nice with the keyboard, touch or mouse. You can access your tools easily using the touch features.

Enhanced search function

Unlike the previous versions of Windows, the Windows 8 features its search box at the top of the home screen. You just need to type anything and it will pop out for you without wasting time. The search features is powerful than that of Windows 7, all matching files is immediately displayed. 

Varieties in Version

The Microsoft Windows 8 features different versions which users can chose, they includes; Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows RT and Windows 8 Enterprise. You need to study the versions to determine the one that suites you.

Fast Booting

When compared with its predecessor Windows 7, the new Microsoft Windows 8 features a faster and speedy boot time, this is because of optimized and better applications and system resource allocation. 

Start Menu

Formally called Metro interface, now called Windows 8 UI. It is mocked up from the active tiles that functions like Widgets used for live information update. You won’t want to use the search, and Microsoft office tools are already ribbon across the Windows 8.

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