8 Third-Party Productivity Apps for Mac OS X

Mac is a great platform, but we all use our Mac as per our need and preference. There are different kinds of app for different needs today I am going to write about some app that can enhance productivity of your Mac OS X.

Mac OS X

8 Third-Party Productivity Apps for Mac OS X:

The swizzle

We often use to keep the sign out of commercial email in our inbox. These emails keep clutter our inbox. We forgot to unsubscribe them. The swizzle scans our inbox and shows you a list of all the newsletters, promotions and offer which it finds to necessary to mention, you can choose to unsubscribe them. The product claims several features like cleaning up users’ inboxes by helping them to unsubscribe the unwanted emails and allowing receiving the commercial oriented emails as well.


The idea behind mailbox is to treat our inbox as a preference list or things to do list. Mailbox designs the inbox to make email fast and mobile friendly. It swipes all messages from trash and scan them in a chat conversation.So you get new in box. Auto swipe is an intelligent feature that learns that when and where you have sorted certain messages and took care of it.


Clear is a colorful app for organizing your tasks and lists. Its main consideration is on three features, tasks, reminder, and to do list. Earlier this app does not support reminder, but in latest version you can get that. It personalizes your clear list. It sets reminder so don’t need to remember any important task and event. It will set reminder to you. Its features include options like emailing lists and include integration.

Name changer

This app is proving up to its name. With name changer you can change file name on your Mac in bulk. To install it, just download the zip, open it and drag the app to your application folder. It’s a free app

Symbol Candy

Symbol candy is a widget which keeps a cluster of common special character and html codes so you don’t need to go Google for having any particular sign. This app is enabled for automatic update means its automatic update itself for any changes.


Sunrise was first started as daily mail alerts. But now it is described as calendar apps. New version of the app allows the app to run background with no main window open at all. This app is compatible to run in offline mode. This app connects to Evernote, trip it, foursquare, asana, song kick and productive directly from your Mac app.


Evernote is designed for looking at the need of modern writing. Every file document and whatever you write stay with you, wherever you go. You can share your idea while seeks input with it. This is a must have app for all Mac users.


We all are well known to its name and features. It’s providing as free cloud storage for our documents, files and pictures. You can store almost any kind of files on it. And later if you are away from your computer, you can access to your data from anywhere just by signing in to your account. It also ensures us safe and two alternative spaces to backup of our data.

iA Writer

This app is designed for disturbance free writing. It divides the writing into separate sections: notes, writing, editing and reading. It has a focus mode, which can fade everything except the current three kinds of text. It doesn’t show any toolbar or editing during your writing, which can distract from your writing. However the users have a mixed response to its efficiency and usefulness.