More Uses of VLC Media Player

vlcVLC Media Player is one of the media players that I personally recommend to everyone out there. Awesome, easy to use, can run almost every file type & last but not the least – it is hassle free. Just install it and you are good to go.

A few days back I was playing with the VLC media player and came out with some of the cool uses of this tool. So, here are some of the extra things that you can do with VLC media player.

1) Take A Snapshot From the video:

Snapshots are pictures that you want to capture, whether to use it as Wallpaper or Screen Saver.

Steps To Take Screen Shots are:

Go to Tools > Preferences > Video.

Under The video Snapshots Column,Enter the Directory where you want to save the snapshot.Enter the Prefix..Click on ‘sequential numbering’ and choose a format of the snapshot.The Default one is .png

After that,When the video is playing click on Video > Snapshot to take a snapshot

You Can also Press Shift + S on your keyboard to take a Snap Shot.

2) Skins Of VLC:

Do You know that VLC also supports various types of skins like Winamp?

To select Skins Go To Tools > Preferences. Under the ’Interface’ column select ‘Skins’ radio button and load the skin file from here.

Download Skins Of VLC

3) Online Radio

Wow! Now you can listen to Online Radio on your VLC Media Player.

To listen To Radio Click On Playlist > Shoutcast Radio Listings. After That Click On Playlist > Show Playlist

Till Now Shoutcast Radio Button must have appeared below the playlist and Media Library Options.There Will be a long list of stations available.Click on any one and Enjoy it.

4) Enjoy Listing to Podcasts:

To Listen to Podcast Click On Playlist > Additional Sources > Configure Podcasts.Here You can add the URL of the podcast.After that Go to Playlist > Additional sources > Podcasts.At Last Go to Playlist > Show playlist.There will be a list of url you have added.Click On any URL and Enjoy.