Is Software for Phone Tracking Worth Buying?

388215_390688127688974_602702991_nMajority of the parents and employers would love to secretly monitor their kids and employees but don’t know how to. While technology is fast changing our lifestyles, using some phone tracking software can indeed give us valuable insight on their lives.

Why Phone Tracking?

Phone tracking can come handy majorly because it’s mobile. It will probably be the first time that you would be happy that your kids or staff uses their phones a lot. With the help of phone tracking app, you will get to know where your kids or employees are, what they do and how they communicate.

Software Worth Buying for Tracking Phone:

I can list many options for tracking phone but the most reliable I have found so far is StealthGenie. Fr us critics, it’s all about credibility and so I would never suggest anything that I myself wouldn’t trust. StealthGenie has a lot of things that set it apart from other software. The features that StealthGenie offers are different and cover all aspects of monitoring. You get to get a whole picture with some exclusive features. It’s stealth, affordable and extremely easy to use.

Why You Should Opt for StealthGenie?

StealthGenie is designed in such a way that it covers every monitoring concern you have. The features are pretty useful and you can remotely:

  • View messages, e-mails and chats (incoming and outgoing)
  • Listen to call recordings
  • Record phone surroundings within 15 ft. range
  • Check history of web browsing
  • See pictures and videos
  • Trace GPS location
  • View location history of target phone
  • Get updates on SIM changes
  • View appointments and memos
  • Activate trigger alerts
  • Backup and delete sensitive data
  • Lock phone anytime
  • Monitor iMessage, WhatsApp and Gmail app

Extra Perks:

Along with these dynamic features, you also get

  • Free updates on StealthGenie
  • Round the clock customer support via chat
  • Flexibility to move software on multiple devices multiple times
  • There packages to choose from

Down Side:

The only drawback StealthGenie has is that it does not support Windows phone which is due to get popular in time to come. Otherwise, StealthGenie is a pretty god phone tracking app and can solve all your monitoring problems effectively and in stealth mode.

So make a dash for StealthGenie phone tracking app and get your online subscription today because starting from $8 a month only is not expensive at all especially when you keep minute-by-minute information about your kids and employees even on the move!