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How to Save a Mobile Phone Dropped in Water: Fast and Easy Steps

How to Save a Mobile Phone Dropped in Water: Fast and Easy Steps

We are sure that a time comes in our life when our cell phone manages to fall in water or get rained on or manage to get sopping wet by other means. Most people take care to ensure that such things do not occur, but still there are many instances that this cannot be avoided. You may think that this is the end of your phone, but there are some things you can do to make it work again. Simply read through this article and you will get some useful tips on how to save a mobile phone dropped in water:

  • Get that phone away from the water, this could help prevent the water from seeping completely inside. Turn it off at once
  • Place some tissues or absorbent cloth under and over the phone and open the battery cover to remove it
  • Take out the SIM card and disconnect any other thing like earphones etc
  • Pat it dry with tissue or soft towel or you could gently use a vacuum cleaner very carefully
  • Never use a hair dryer
  • Try to draw out the water by keeping the phone in substances that draw out water like uncooked rice.
  • You can try to switch on and test your phone after about a day
  • Do not try anything if you are uncomfortable let somebody expert take charge

Always make sure that the phone is not plugged on when it is wet, you could end up causing more damage.

Other tips to save a mobile phone dropped in water:

  • Remember that excess drying can also cause problems, so do not go overboard while trying to save your phone
  • Once the phone is reasonably dry and starts to work, you may realize that it is still wet, so you need to keep on gently drying it to get all the moisture out
  • In case you feel that your work or life may cause your phone to be exposed to water, then you are better off investing in a waterproof phone or if you can’t afford that, invest in a phone kit that will help you deal with the problem
  • In case your mobile has fallen to salty water like ocean water, then you need to gently rinse the phone in soft water before starting the drying out process.
  • Remember to keep your recently dampened phone at body temperature, that is neither too hot or too cold
  • You can try to use the process of compressed air shooting into the edges and crevices of the phone to try to push the water out.
  • One of the surprising things that can help the phone dry out is carrying it with you on a long flight. The dry air in airplane will cause the phone to dry it out.

Some warnings of things that you should not do:

  • Attempt to touch a phone when it is wet and plugged into the power socket. Please seek the help of a qualified electrician
  • Do not ever attempt to dry out the phone or any of its parts in the microwave
  • When you take it for repairs, you are better of telling the technician about what occurred.
  • Never apply heat to the battery, this can really be dangerous

Here are a few things that you can keep handy for such wet phone emergencies

  • Some things that will help the phone dry out such a rice or a packet of desiccant substances
  • Soft towels and tissue papers
  • A small vacuum cleaner
  • A bowl to keep the parts in
  • A bag that you will be able to keep tightly sealed
  • Cotton buds to gently remove water from the nooks and crannies.

So, These are the few common things that you should remember for the emergency situations when your mobile phone dropped in water. Don’t forget to share your handy experience that what steps to you have taken to get back your mobile phone from wet condition.