How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep

Most people using computers seem to lean toward Microsoft Windows as their operating system. This is true on an international level, but if you are working on an important project such as downloading a large-sized file or any other program & you left your system for some time to get the things complete then Windows will automatically turned into sleep mode which may results in losing an important data. The sleep mode is something that Windows goes into to save power. In this mode Windows saves any programs and documents that are open. The rest of the computer’s activities are turned off to save power. So, To save you from that situation we are going to share a simple and easy guide on how to make your computer not go to sleep?

How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep

This also means that any stuff that you are downloading or installing at that point also stops when the computer goes into sleep or slumber mode. Keeping this in mind we need to figure out a way to ensure that Windows does not go into sleep mode.

If you do not have this in place it is likely that important activities may be put on hold. Learn how to prevent this from happening from the steps given below:

Step 1: Click on the start menu button. When the choices pop up, look for and click on “Control Panel”

How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep - Control Panel

Step 2: Once you are into Control Panel, look for and click on “Power Options”.

How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep - Power Options

Step 3: Go to “Change Plan Settings” in your currently established power plan.

How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep - Change Plan Settings

Step 4: Pick the option “Never” in the menu that drops down which is situated next to the “Put the Computer to Sleep” option. You need to do the same thing for “On Battery” and “Plugged in” choices. This will ensure that no matter what the source of power is, the computer is connected to.

How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep - Change Settings

Step 5: Click on the button that says “Save Changes”. Now you can be assured that your computer will not enter the sleep mode.

This way any valuable work you are doing or the program that you are downloading will be prevented from being lost. If you want to change the settings back to what they were you can do so by following all the steps. If you have already make your computer not go to sleep then don’t forgot share your experience about losing your important data with us.