How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8

MAC is the short form that is used for Media Access Control. This is the way of finding the particular address that has been designated to a computer for the purpose of interacting on physical networks. There is a particular and an individual MAC address for each hardware that is installed. Since this is provided and recorded by the manufacturer, it is also known as hardware address. Apart from this Window also has more that one MAC address that may not be connected with hardware. The right example for this would be the address for the dial up networking used by windows.

Here is the detailed instruction on how to find the MAC address in Windows 8:

1. Click on the start key on Windows to open the start screen.

2. You need to enter the characters CMD before pressing enter. This will launch the command prompt.

How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8-1

3. You have to type ipconfi/all on command prompt allowing you to check the settings for the network card.

How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8-2

4. You will find the IP number along with the MAC address beneath the right adapter as the Physical address and Ipv4 address.

How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8-3

5. You can then simply copy Physical address and Ipv4 address by using right click on Command prompt and clicking mark.

How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8-4

6. Choose the text that you want copied with the help of the mouse and press enter to copy it. Now you can simply paste the text that you have copied using the usually used paste function.

How to Find The Mac Address in Windows 8-5

You will find that this method for discovering your MAC address is really simple and can be used by even the most recently converted computer users. Once you have completed the process that how to find the MAC address in Windows 8, you may store the information in a place where you can access it as and when needed.