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  • 16 Useful Mac OS X Terminal Commands

    The Mac is full of utilities. Mac is known for its customization options, but there are some more secrets are hidden in its terminal. We can do many interesting and useful things by typing a command in terminal. Here are the 16 useful Mac OS X Terminal commands that bring you more change and comfort […]

  • Listen to Radio on the Internet Via VLC Media Player [How To]

    Here is something simple and quick that will enable you to listen to Radio on the Internet by merely using the VLC Media Player. We will take you through the process in a systematic and simple way. Let us get started on this process: Click on VLC Media Player to open it. Click on the […]

  • How to Make Your Computer Not Go to Sleep

    Most people using computers seem to lean toward Microsoft Windows as their operating system. This is true on an international level, but if you are working on an important project such as downloading a large-sized file or any other program & you left your system for some time to get the things complete then Windows […]