5 Best collage making apps for Android

There are many apps to create college on your phone; hence by using those apps you can become a unprofessional collage creator. In this you just need to select the pictures from your gallery plus select the suitable frame and then set those selected picture in that frame. You can add the motion, text, change width of the frame, crop the pictures; like this lot of other features that you can add in your collage which gives a look that is made by any professional person. But different apps have different features which are depending upon your wish that what you want ????

Following are the best collage making apps that I found pretty good to install and also expect the feedback from you that how much you like these.

Best collage making apps for Android


  1. Pics Art

Pics art is one of the best website to create your collage on your Android phone. By using this “Pics Art” app everyone becomes like an artist who creates its own collage by editing number of photos and placing them on their suitable place by providing them framing, or cropping the image etc; like this there are many other options like background color, effects, border, thickness of the border.unnamed

Not only this, it also provides many features like drawing, sharing, live wallpapers and much more editing types.

  1. Stack collage

This is another interesting collage maker tool that allows you to create easy multi image app. By using this app you need not be a professional artist. This tool is easy to use and have a capability of creating interesting collages. You just need to select the frame type then select the pictures which you want to insert in that frame. Once you your picture frame is ready you can set it as your profile picture and you can also do the changes by shuffling the pictures in frame where it is best suited

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  1. Turbo Collage Lite

This is an outstanding collage making app for android phones. You can simply initiate by selecting the picture for your collage and type of the frame you wish for that is landscape or portrait type. Most interesting feature of this app that you can add the text to your collage by customizing the text color, shuffle the pics in the collage and last but not least is that you can drag, rotate and resize the collage or the pictures in the collage.

Turbo collage lite

Turbo collage lite

  1. Photo grid

This is also one of the best amazing web app that you can install from your play store in your android phone for making the collage. It is easy to use and provide various features like text on image, shuffling the pictures; you can also download the latest frames from the web. You will be amazed to know that it is one of the best collage making app in 11 countries.



  • It gives a look of the professional collage type app.
  • High variety of layout of the photo grids and wallpapers and albums.
  • You can add the text, emotions and smiles in your collage.
  • You can also move, swap and rotate and zoom the sketch.
  1. Collage Widget

This app allows you to select the pictures from the gallery of your phone. Once you select the image you can resize, rotate, and adjust in the frame as per their convenience.

Best collage making Apps