Best 5 Useful Business Networking iPhone Apps

When the legendary Steve Jobs had launched the iPhone, I am sure he must have had some things in mind which this device will do for its users but over the years this device has actually achieved so much that today due to the vast availability of a lot of third party apps, the iPhone has become an integral part of our life style. Today, iPhone can used for even Business Networking, and the best 5 business networking apps are mentioned below for your perusal;

Herematch by Tangletech

Best 5 Useful Business Networking iPhone Apps
Herematch by Tangletech ranks right on top in the world of apps available for business networking. This works based on the location that the user is at and helps create new connections for you. All you need to do is do a little bit of home work by creating your profile and filling out the necessary information. With the new update you can even invite people to join you by simply sending them a text or an e-mail.

Get Linked by using LinkedIn

With some 60 million active users in its data base, LinkedIn is amongst the most used business networking web sites today. This app is best known for the professional circles that one can create using it. Available for free download, it lets you to connect to other using something as simple as “blue tooth”  and also the “In Person” feature which is very handy if one is attending a trade fair.

Meet Me will find the perfect meeting place for you

When in doubt about the place where you want to have that meeting with a colleague of a business associate then simply take the help of meet me. This will provide you the most accurate place (which will be half way for both of you) and then provide you with directions to that place too.

Happening makes things happen for you

This works more like a personal secretary, the only difference is this would exist only in the virtual world (more like in your iPhone). Using this app one can check out any trade fairs or other business shows that might be taking place in your locality or neighborhood. Once you have the list, it becomes easy for you to plan out your schedule, hassle free

Contacts Journal helps you manage relationships

Now, you wouldn’t forget to wish your colleagues or business associates on their anniversaries or birthday’s. Also this app will remind you of your meetings, conference calls, Skype calls, etc and thus keep you right on your toes. Also, you can maintain details about your contacts which you might want to use later on (if the need requires).

These are just some basic 5 networking apps for iPhone out of the many available in the market which will make your business life easier, while ensuring that you stay right ahead of your competition because this will keep you updated and right ahead.