5 mistakes you could make as a tech blogger

In the blogosphere, tech blog is a particular niche that has a lot of bloggers flocking around; hardly can a month pass without having new bloggers on the niche and with this improvement, there are bound to be some major mistake new bloggers could make as a starter.

Ignoring forum and social media contribution on topics relating to your niche

To stand as authority in tech blog, there are some aspects you shouldn’t ignore in blogging, and one such aspect is making contribution on forum and social media site. Making contribution on social media site and forum site on a controversial topic will not only make you or your blog visible to the public but also drive traffic to your blog, answer your curiosity on topics you know little on, or to crown it all create avenue for knowledge on your niche

Paying less attention to lengthen articles

Writing article is a major aspect in blogging, but there are some attitude bloggers cultivate when it come to this (writing), most bloggers most especially the beginners love to update their blog regularly and  as a result, don’t pay much attention to make qualitative research on articles they sometimes publish on their blog.

Publishing low number of article as a result of little or no research on the article don’t help blogs authority on the long run, this is because the article is not qualitative enough and visitors might go elsewhere looking for blogs that has qualitative articles and on the long-run visitors keep decline because they don’t get enough information on the topic that brought them to your blog, but having a well written qualitative long article. The benefit of most lengthen article is that, most lengthen article are evergreen and really touch all the nooks and cranes of the topic you’re talking about, but most tech bloggers love to publish review that only last few days instead of publishing article that will be best tell about their stand in their niche and make them an authority in the field they are.

Guest blogging on blogs outside your niche

Though guest blogging is a good approach to boosting your blogs traffic, but when it is wrongly done, back fire in a way you won’t be please with. As a tech blog with the expectation of getting a genuine traffic with no consequence afterwards, guest blogging on site outside your niche won’t be advisable to boost your traffic, reason been that, the visitor you get to your blog as a result of the guest posted article won’t be visitors that will benefit you neither will the visitors benefit from your blog too, and another thing is that, Google could place penalty on your blog for your action.

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