5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Mobile Phones

The biggest problem for the cell phone users is significantly smaller storage as compared to laptops and PC’s, which is a restricting factor. Cloud storage applications have overcome this problem, obtaining and trading data through online cloud hosts without the need of local components.

5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Mobile Phones

These applications allow Mobile phone users to store and use files on cloud hosts from multiple mobile phones, thus allowing you to access data files from any device. You can also utilize features such as file syncing and sharing these files with anyone. And if you are fed up with small storage of your mobile phone then this article will be the solution to your problems.

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Mobile Phones:

1. Drop Box

Drop box is probably the most preferred and one of the best cloud storage app for your Cell Phone. There is an app for every OS, so you have lots of platforms as well to upload files from different Mobiles and access them. Drop box also provides you with a link to each file you upload in your account so that you can share the specific file with friends or co-workers.

2. Box.net

Box.net is also a great file storage app designed generally for companies that want to use reasoning services for easy storage space, discussing and handling their information. Of course, anyone can use this service. It’s another great function is that it can open Files using document viewer with the mobile phone applications as well. Also, there’s the function Share you data with anyone.

Google Drive has a few key functions that create it really stand out. The Drive can store file types and it can even open Photoshop files even if it is not installed on your personal computer. Apart from this, there is the usual stuff like move and drop uploading as well. There are options to share, remove and re label files.

4. Sky Drive

SkyDrive, from Ms is indeed a very sleek cloud storage app for all types of files. Through SkyDrive, you can easily synchronize file from other Microsoft products such as excel, word, PowerPoint, etc. Again, you can share you files using the links from your account. The interface is very simple and clear to use.

Sugar Sync is another file-sharing and back-up service that has developed applications for all popular operating-systems. This app lets you store, discuss and access files from their hosting server and also slightly move or remove files on from the Mobil Devices. It is providing 5 GB of free storage space. This app has a feature that produces a link for each computer file so that you can discuss it via email or social media sites. Anyone can obtain the file without a Sugar Sync account. You can also choose individual files to be supported up and synced. Plus, if you’re sharing a specific computer file, you can password-protect it.

These are the best cloud storage apps for mobile phones, if you think this list should be modified or edited in anyway then please share your thoughts with us.