4 Astounding Tips you need to Increase the Speed of your Internet

Having a laptop without internet is like having a car without fuel in it, and when you have a computer with slow internet connection on it is just like driving a car with a flat tire. Though there are so many factors that could warrant slow internet connection on your system in which you as a person can also be part of the factor, but never the less the clue to making your internet connection run faster is here. No matter what the case might be to warrant as low internet connection on your system there are still some technical you can put into it to make your system run faster than usual. I’ll be tailing on few approach here on this article, I implore you go through it to see if this is indeed what you need to do on your system to make it run faster than it use to in the past.

Clear your system off virus

The one approach that I’ll be talking on this article is for you to check if you’re your system is infected with viruses and malwares, and if they are, the best thing is for you to clear them of and run the internet back on your system to see the improvement. Viruses and malwares go beyond destroying the files on your system hard disk to affect the performances of your internet connection, when your system is infected with viruses and malwares, a part of the bandwidth of your internet connection will be used for their operation where by reducing the bandwidth that is meant to be used for total operation of your internet transmission and as a result the internet connection on your system run in a pretty slow network than before.

The best thing to do to avoid this action is by having an efficient anti-virus on your system that will prevent your computer from viruses and malwares that can affect the speed of your internet connection.

Update your modem firmware regularly

If you are a users of mobile internet connection that require an internet modem for your computer to stay connected on line then you should get in mind that the modem you are using could also be a determinant to the slow internet connection you having on your system, your  ISP (internet service provider) consequently upgrade their network connection system and as a result of that new internet modem software are require for the latest version of internet service they render, therefore in using the old internet connection modem software which is regarded as the modem software, you are prone to having a poor internet performance. The best way to go about this is by updating your internet connection firmware to receive an adequate internet service dispatch from your ISP.

Increase the RAM processor of your system

Don’t be surprise that your RAM processor also has something to do with your internet connection system, the capability of your RAM (random accessory memory) can also affect the speed of your internet connection, when the RAM of your internet connection is low compare to the function you put on your browser, you are then prone to having a slow internet connection speed on your system. So, in improving the speed of your internet connection you can try increase the space of your RAM in need be.


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