10 Best Travel Apps for iPad

There’s simply no dearth of newer and more useful apps for the ubiquitous iPad. Doing our bit, we’ve pulled out the 10 best travel apps for your iPad. Check them out.



  1. Kindle

Tired of lugging your heavy reading on your journeys? No longer. Kindle, a free reading app turns your iPad into an e-reader. And if you already own a Kindle, WhisperSync technology automatically updates your latest book. Cool!


2.       HG2

This free app, Hedonists Guide 2, gives you up to date information about the best bars, hotels and hot spots in 41 cities worldwide. Indispensable in these 41 cities.


  1. Packing Pro

This fre checklist app helps you eliminate last-minute packing panic. Enter the type of trip you’re undertaking, and Packing Pro comes up with useful suggestions on what you need to carry. Free travel advisor!


4.       TourWrist

This free app enables you to discover, shoot and share 360-degree panoramic images of your travels on your iPad. Inspires the creative in you!

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a free house hunting app that lists thousands of vacant houses and accommodation for lease worldwide. You can also use the in-built maps, and photos and descriptions of available rooms. Armchair realty!


6.       Skyscanner

This free app helps you search and book cheap flights on the go. And if you’re not sure of where to go for that vacation, just spin the globe to see which destinations are cheapest to reach. Pack your bags now!


  1.  HiConverter

This is a multi-purpose app that not only converts usual measurements such as temperature and distance, it also does currency conversions and European clothing size conversions. For lady travelers, it even has a bra size chart converter. Thoughtful!

  1. Next Flight

Next Flight provides a constantly updated list of available flights from all airline carriers around the world, from any location to any destination. Great app for those who change travel plans often.


  1. Lingolook Flashcards

Ever find yourself not knowing what to say in a foreign language, or how to pronounce it? Don’t panic. This free app provides flashcards for important words and phrases: Just tap your iPad and you can hear the word or phrase aloud, with the exact pronunciation. Available for Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian.


10.   World Customs & Cultures

This free app offers users customs and cultural information for more than 160 countries. Topics covered include greetings communication style, personal space and touching, eye contact, views of time, gender issues, gestures, taboos, and  law and order.


Having an iPad on you makes living and traveling more convenient and enjoyable. And the apps listed here only enhance the iPad experience by providing online information on flights, hotels, restaurants, car rentals, trains, weather, cheap gas, attractions, how to pack, and how to act in a foreign country. Take your choice of these 10 best travel apps for your iPad, and make your trips more fun, more fulfilling, and more memorable than any you’ve had before!